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jebote this bitch gave me nightmares O.o

I’m still scared :o
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jebote this bitch gave me nightmares O.o

I’m still scared :o

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die find ich sogar noch besser

das schönste von allen

wusste garnicht dass es das auch in englisch gibt, ich find die so toll!

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Fuck society.

Ist leider nunmal so.


If you’re reading this, please don’t kill yourself. I love you & I care.

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Ich will nur, dass meine Eltern stolz auf mich sind.

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sind sie aber nicht.ich bin eine enttäuschung.

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Kiss her when she’s mad. While she’s yelling at the top of her lungs, pull her in by the waist and leave her breathless.

Kiss her when she’s sad. And before you press your lips to hers, look her in the eye so she knows you’ll always be there.

Kiss her when she’s happy. Run your fingers through her hair and comment on how her laugh is the most beautiful song in the world.

Kiss her when she’s stressed. Tap her shoulder as she frantically complains about some seemingly trivial matter and make her forget everything - if only temporarily.

Kiss her when she’s lying in your arms talking about the universe and how small she feels under the stars. Tell her that her thoughts are the most exquisitely unique thoughts you’ve ever heard and that her kisses are even more so.

Kiss her spontaneously, without warning and let her fall for you harder with each one. And when you’re not there to hold her tightly and kiss her forehead to make her feel loved, tell her each and every day how much you wish you could.

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staystronglittlebird said: ,,Und jetzt? Sieh mich an verdammt und sag mir, wo ich noch glücklich aussehe. Verdammt, sag es mir.''

Ein bisschen Glück ist immer da. Nur nicht hier.

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Wer das rebloggt, bekommt ‘ne Nachricht! :3